Selling Tips

Below are some great online auction selling tips to help you maximize your profits.

1.) Payment methods are very important. Offer as many payment methods as possible (If applicable) to attract a wide range of bidders.

2.) Your shipping terms should be clearly stated to avoid any issues later. And don't make the mistake of over pricing shipping costs, you may end up with negative feedback once the buyer finds out. Be fair!

3.) Your return policy should be clearly stated to avoid any future complications.

4.) Having an accurate description is a must. You want every bidder to get "exactly" what they expected when they win your auction. Your feedback rating is your lifeline and authority meter. Negative comments / feedback will hurt future success.

5.) Make sure to add Pictures. People love to see as many different angles as possible of the item, it brings them comfort in knowing it's what they are after.

6.) Your sales pitch / discription is important. Some will even testify that it's the presentation that makes or breaks a decission to bid.

7.) Unfortunately, leaving bad feedback for others, even when warranted is a surefire way of getting some negative feedback yourself. If a deal goes bad, wait to see what type of feedback the other person leaves for you first. Always think before you act and keep a level head.

8.) 7 day auctions are normally the standard and preferred duration of an auction. It's advised that you start it later in the day on a weekend (sat. / Sun.) to help insure that you'll get plenty of people to battle it out during the last few moments of the auction before closing.

9.) Never post your auctions so that it ends near another similar item (If possible). This makes your item less rare and offers bidders more options. More options naturally equates to less bids on your items.

Important - selling limits

It's important to know that in most U.S. states there's a law that mandates anyone that sells 5 or more vehicles in one calander year is required to obtain a dealers license. If you sell less than 5 vehicles per year you are not required to have a license. This law covers the majority of U.S. states, however you may want to double check with your state just in case.

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